Sunday, July 12, 2009

Winding down,

my time here and it is so sad. Last night I was at a party with three girls from another program who are leaving Cajamarca soon too, from Iceland, Germany and Switzerland. They were all crying and it was just so sad. I also managed to sit in vodka so that was nice.
Remember how I was complaining about lack of classes? Hasn´t been a problem as I subbed every day last week, so actually ended up teaching more than if I had my own classes I think. Plus my private class and exams to prepare it was actually crazy. On Friday I did marking for 5 hours and then taught for 7. I actually had no time to think.
My family left yesterday morning for Lima so I am alone. Actually Rosa told me her father in law was coming to live in the house but he´s not here. Irene will be here most days but Sunday is her day off. She did call this morning at like 6 to ask if I was okay though. Nice, but on my day off a little on the early side of things.
Yesterday afternoon two teachers were sick so there was only 2 classes. I think the students would have been really annoyed because they missed 4 1/2 hours of class. When you only have 4 Saturdays in a cycle that is a lot of material.
My class of Juniors is like my own personal piece of hell. It is awful, props to anyone who teaches classes of 25 preteens because I can´t do it. I swallowed my pride and asked for some help with how to control them but I have yet to hear the feedback. I think that they will do very poorly on my exam tomorrow but I´ve never been trained with how to handle kids, half of whom probably have A.D.D. and the other half whom don´t want to learn. I also never ever want to have to teach this age. My other Junior classes weren´t a problem but these kids are awful. I had enough trouble with my group of Guides, but at least they spoke English. I´ve tried everything I can think of and now am resigned to just teach for those who want to listen. I´m not shouting because I don´t have the energy or the lung capactiy.
My Saturday classes are very good though. And as usual Reg.3 is a pleasure to teach.
I´ve been going to Santa Apalonia a lot to look at the city and try to remember it best I can. I can recognise lots of places now. It´s amazing how fast a strange city can become a neighbourhood. I bet I´ve taught about 500 students what with all the subbing. I bump into them often. Haha, yesterday I saw one of my chicos, maybe 12 years old and he walked me home from work. How Gentlemany, haha. I love the spirits of the people here.
My friend taught me a little about how to play guitar. I am terrible but it is kind of fun. Pain for the fingers though.
Well, I´m off to Santa Apolonia with a couple of frinds.
I havent have much time to write cause I´m trying to enjoy the time I have left in the city.
Take care!

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