Monday, July 20, 2009

Harry Potter!!

Last night I saw Harry Potter, in Spanish. Haha, I love Peru! (I think I may have mentioned that once or twice)It helped that I knew the storyline so it was easier to follow. What is with the part with the swamp where the Weasley`s house burns down? It´s weird cause they are wizards but they don´t make water fly out of their wands they just watch as the house burns. Probably why it wasn´t in the book. There were lots of other parts in the book that I think would have been better. But I liked the part with the liquid luck, and there was a lot of focus on the romance side although the Harry and Ginny kiss was pretty weak. But my favourite character is Luna, what an awesome dress. Okay, I´m sure you don´t actually want to hear my entire review of Harry Potter.
Today I couldn´t go to my private class cause there are no taxis. It is a special day here or something. I went for a walk and it is so quiet. Probably 95% of the vehicles here are taxis and without them it´s just bizarre. But it´s nice cause I can walk in the middle of the road. I just bought up half of Cajamarca. Just a joke, but I bought some gifts, and I think that they are the kind of gifts that you look at once and say, hm, that´s nice, and then stick on the mantlepiece never to be touched again. But I can´t really find anything else.
Yesterday after my class I went for lunch with a friend to the place called vegetariano. I said, there is no meat here and I need meat. My friend said there is meat. So we went in and the menu was all like, steak and chicken etc and I said it´s soya otherwise why would the restuarant be called vegetarian? My friend said no. Then the waiter came and told us it was all soy. I hate being right. So we went to another place and I had green rice and chicken but it was spicy. I drained 2 inca colas just to survive. After we met up with some other friends and watched some live soccer between a uni here and a mens team. It was painful to watch. Then in the second half there was a fight and I saw why there were like 50 policemen with shields and clubs lined up down the field. But the fight was also pathetic, between a player and the flag man and the flag man just nailed the guy in a very sensitive place and he crippled. Then everyone went running over including the police. It was kind of funny but I was ready to run if the crowd got into it as well. But the police stomped it out in a matter of seconds and red carded the player.They finished 0-0 with about 100 missed goal attempts, including one where it was just a player and an empty net and he still missed. I told my friends their team was awful and they had to agree with me. The field was very nice though and the atmosphere was fun. I also tried this kind of candy fruit which you chew and then spit out. It´s like really big though so it´s weird and really dirty when it´s everywhere. I am not too keen on it. Then after we went out for cake. yummmmmy Cajamarca cake. But these friends are really religious so sometimes it´s a little awkward for me, but generally they are fun. Even squarer than me and with jokes similar to my dad.
Irene just spent the whole of lunch talking about me leaving. So now I´m pretty sad and I almost went hysterical at the table. She wanted to eat at 11 this morning. That is so early! Especially for here, where 2 is normal.
Hmm, I have a stomachache. Not nice.
I have to remember to ask Rosa where my suitcase is. I have no idea.
I guess I should stop procrastinating and get to work. But I really want to be outside enjoying my last days not writing reports etc.
Oh well.
Later chicos!

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