Friday, July 17, 2009

Opportunity knocks---

Amazing news chicos! Today I was offered a job teaching English at the Private University in Cajamarca if I return here next summer. I could work there in the morning and maybe afternoon and at ICPNA in the evening. It is an idea that I am giving serious thought to, and those of you who know me well may have realised that when I set my mind to something it generally gets done. Where there´s a will, there`s a way, and I have a hugeee will to teach at University here. ICPNA told me they´d take me back next year, they don´t want me to leave (probably because I´ve subbed for every teacher save 2, out of about 12). If I come alone, as in not with SWB it is a lot cheaper too, I only have to play for the flight and insurance plus my visa. I have all the vacinations already and the WUSC fee is pretty hefty which I wouldn´t have to pay. Plus with the extra work I could make a fair bit I think. It´s also 280 dollars a month rent and food but it´s not like I could live for cheaper in Canada. Well, I could if I lived with my parents but save that it´s pretty difficult. But, there is no way that I could teach at Uni in Canada, being degreeless and everything, although teaching ESL is way different to teaching English Lit of course. It´s really the perfect job for me and the experience is what I need to be competitive when I apply for my master´s. Plus with my scholarship for Uni next year and my plans to apply for lots of scholarships I think it´s a goal I can achieve. I´m very interested to hear the feedback to this, I hope it´s not all negative. Haha. But I am an adult and I have belief in my dreams, and I will find a way.
Today the director of ICPNA (the head boss) from Chiclayo was in town so we all went out for lunch with him. It´s fun because it´s all in Spanish and I also managed to spill my Inca Cola all down my shirt. Those of you who know me will not be surprised about that at all. I am going to miss the food here a lot, it´s amazing.
People keep asking me how much time I have left and it´s so depressing. It´s actually unbelievable. I have to think that I´m only leaving for a short time otherwise I can´t bear it. It´s funny because I never expected to love my placement. I thought it´d be an awesome growing experience but I thought that it´d be really hard and I´d miss Canada tons. But I don´t, and it´s not that hard because I LOVE IT.
People tell me that it must be because I´m young and adaptable, but I think that when you are enjoying your job and love the people around you it´s not really hard to feel at home. My family here made me feel at home after about 10 minutes. Haha. Papa Julio was here today and he´s like my own Grandpa or something. He always forgets that he´s already talked about things with me but the repition is good practice for my Spanish.
Last night I had Lemon Merigne pie, it was vair vair good. I need to go to the gym but I haven´t had time, visiting with friends in my afternoons and private classes in the mornings. Oh, haha yesterday the little sister of the kid I was tutoring took a liking to my keys and I guess went off to play with them. Later she came in and was dancing around and Fernando asked me, are they your keys. I was like, no, oh wait, yes! Oh my gosh please give me my keys!!! If I lose my keys I am screwed because my family is not here to let me in.
My class of Juniors was slightly better today, but only because about a quarter of them were missing. Sometimes I feel that it´s a good challenge and other times I want to send them all home and fail them. Not that I need to fail them they are going to do that themselves.
Well, I only had a short break between classes and now I better go back to ICPNA.
Take care chicos, see you soon!

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  1. WOW! AWESOME! SUPER FANTASTIC! Do it! Do it! Do it! Teaching english at the university level?! That is amazing! Yay! Yay! Yay! Follow your dreams Gems - that's what life is all about it. Don't let anyone tell you any different - EVER! WOW! I am just so excited for you. Incredibly excited. The WUSC fees are pretty steep, but at least it opened up this opportunity for you. Incredible! I am sure you can get some scholarships for it too. I know of one for sure and you could likely get the BUSU travel fund money again. We'll help you fundraise too. My vote is : HELLS YES!!