Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Haha, on Sunday I went to watch motocross. It was pretty awesome. I tried so hard to get a photo of a bike in the air but failed miserably about 20 times. The pic is the best one I have. In the end I took a short video, it´s better. Haha. I got sunburnt again (that´s what happens when you forget about sunscreen) I have a nice necklace burn. Sexy. On Sunday in the morning I went up to Santa Apalonia again with two friends, maybe I won´t see them again before I leave so it was nice.
Yesterday I bought my plane ticket to Lima. How saddddd :(. I think I am going to have to pay a fortune for overweight baggage though as I have rather a lot of things. I asked if I could carry 50 pounds and they asked if I was carrying rocks and half of Cajamarca. Haha. In the end I decided that the one hour plane trip was better than 18 hours on a bus and spent the extra 80 dollars. It also means I get extra time in Cajamarca which means I can party after class on my last Saturday. Hm, maybe I´ll invite all my students as I´m leaving anyway...
Here is a pic of me playing the guitar at Santa Apalonia. Let´s just say Jimi Hendrix doesn´t have anything to worry about.
Yesterday was exam day and it was awful. My class of Juniors did terribly. But that´s what happens when you don´t want to learn or study. I subbed for another teacher and corrected her exam and her students also did terribly so I guess maybe it´s cause it´s July and there´s no school and kids don´t want to study.
Haha, I was walking yesterday and I went into this awesome little CD store I saw and all the cds were $1. I pretty much went crazy and tried to buy the whole shop. But in the end I cut it down to 10. How awesomely cheap they are. I made the guy play all of them first to make sure they worked though so it took a while. 2 in Spanish and the rest in English.
Yesterday Rosa´s father in law was here but only for a little while and then he left. I almost had a heart attack because he was right in front of the door when I walked in my house.
Next Tuesday my friends are having this huge lunch bye thing for me so I´m pretty excited about that. Not about the whole having to leave part though.
Have you heard about the Pig flu here? Classes at schools were all cancelled a week early and then they have 3 weeks off anyway. ICPNA always has classes though. Don´t worry for me I only eat thorougly sterilized food.
Harry Potter comes out tomorrow. Maybe I will go to see it on Sunday :)
Today I´m going to the cinema after work with a bunch of people cause it´s cheapy day in Cajamarca, only 2 dollars.
I looked at the mess in my bedroom and wondered how the heck I am going to fit all my stuff in my suitcase. The problem with having a bedroom is that I have filled it up.
OH! Good news amigos! I have a scholarship for Uni next year!!! WOOOOHOOOO. I´m pretty excited about that.
I really should probably go to the gym this morning. It´s easier when Rosa goes as well to motivate myself.
Green spagetti for lunch today, yummmmmy.
I´m still missing gifts for a lot of people. It´s hard cause I suck at buying stuff for males. Teatowels all around then... haha.
Owww sunburn.
Well, thanks for stopping by. I am trying hard not to think of things in terms of days left but it´s hard when everyone keeps asking me when I leave.
See you all soon I expect...


  1. Hey Vrroooom,
    Congrats on the scholarship. Way to go! I'm laughing at your experiences with the juniors. You mean to say you weren't like that (just a little bit) i know it can be frustrating but you do what you do. You'll be mixed up - feeling happy to be seeing family and friends soon but sad to be leaving new friends and experiences so live it to the fullest (like you have been doing) Oh yea - my Mom used to come down to university 1 or 2 times a year to sift through the clothes to find my bedroom floor. Must be a young adult thing. Well, take care and stay safe.

  2. Awesome news on the scholarship! You deserve it dude!