Thursday, July 2, 2009


So this morning I had the mother of all migraines. Well, actually it´s the first time I´ve ever had a migraine so I don´t know if it was bad, but it hurt so much I couldn´t think, and if you know me well you will know that I tend to think rather a lot. I also had vomiting, so that was fun. I took too pills that the doctor suggested and slept and by lunch time I felt better. I am forbidden to eat cheese and ham today and I wasn´t allowed ketchup on my rice. It was very hard to eat white rice and potatoes plain. I now only have a slight headache so I went for a walk in the fresh air around the city. No idea where I went but wondered through a few markets, I love the hustle and bustle. Then I decided retail therapy was in order and I bought myself the most gorgeous bag everrrr. It´s actually the only nice bag I saw and I love it love it love it. I am such a girl. I also bought a few gifts but I can´t find anything that really suits a lot of my friends. I wanted to buy clothes but my friends aren´t alpaca wearing kind of people, they´re about 50 years too young for that. Too bad. Plus alpaca is heavy. If it weren´t for the weight I´d buy some of the clothes just for the expressions on my friends faces. ahahhahaha. I need another suitcase.
Yesterday I was chatting to another teacher from Ireland but born in France, who says he´s sick of Cajamarca. He says it´s too noisy, disorganised (true) and everyone is always late (sooo true) and he´s fed up. Well, he didn´t say the words fed up but you get the idea. I love how Cajamarca is noisy, it´s part of the culture and while I agree that people could do with setting their clocks early, you have to love the people. It´s no problem if you arrive 5 minutes late everywhere too. I am usually early though so I have to wait a lot.
My class of Juniors is very interesting. I´m pretty sure a few of them have learning disabilities and behavourial disorders so I think that should be fun. That must be why Delicia was so keen to give me her class. But they are good kids and very eager to participate, for the most part. I just have to remove sharp objects and rulers from their hands.
My class Reg.3 yesterday was awesome! One of the activities had the students writing things they did on a routinely basis, once a week/month/in a while/ never etc. Then I asked some students to share with the class and one man said, I shower once a week. So that was pretty funny and we laughed a lot. It was a fun class.
Last night I finally tried Manjar Blanco. It´s very sweet.
On Sunday I´m going to watch Ice Age with my friend and his entire family. It´s in Spanish but I think it´ll be okay because it´s easier to understand cartoons in Spanish, like UP was not hard to follow.
On Saturday I have class from 8-8 again with my 2 hour lunch break, then to the discoteca! Haha, as an example in class we had to say where in Cajamarca we could eat, go to the park etc. and I said, You can go dancing at Santos (this club has an interesting reputation) and that got quite the reaction from the class. Hahahaha. Reg.3 is so much fun.
It´s raining! At least it waited until I got inside!
Haha, Juan sent me some videos of me teaching. How scary is that!!
Irene told me today that she is 19. Lies are so stupid. But now shés come clean about not having a baby, so that´s nice!
Well, time for me to prepare for class!
Take care chicos!! Ciao!

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