Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Chiclayo bound and outraged...

So, if you can believe it, I have to pay 30 soles because in one of my classes there are only 8 students and the mininum number is 9. Do you think anybody told me about this? No! Also, this is something that is outside of my control. It´s bad enough that everytime I walk someplace I go on a guilt trip from all the beggars asking me for money (although when they grab my clothes I don´t feel bad about saying no, I get angry) but now I have to pay more for the honour of teaching for 4 and half hours every Saturday. Don´t get me wrong I enjoy my job but I think that enough is enough when it comes to paying.
Today, we had dessert at lunch time... cottage cheese with honey. I have never heard of such a thing. I am not the biggest fan. I told them my tongue was confused and didn´t know whether to go sweet or savory. I am so funny.
This morning I went to the bank and it was so nice, all the tellers waved at me and I got called up right away by name ahaha. The man said, come back again soon. They are so jolly at the bank like a family or something. I have only been there 3 times! Well, that´s what happens when you are the smiley white girl in the neighbourhood.
At the gym today I pushed 30 kgs with my legs. I started with 2.5 so I feel good about myself. I felt even better when on one of the arms machines I pulled 15 and then a young man in his 20s maybe almost died trying to pull the same amount. Okay, so a regular gym going man would have done like 90 or something but still, I felt in shape!
It rained again this afternoon. That´s every day for like two weeks.
I am a little nervous about Chiclayo, about 20 people have told me to be very careful. It´s nice to have people looking out for me but also a little bit unnerving. What are people like there? I hope that we are in a good part of town, the girls at work said the hotel is nice. It will be nice to meet Colleen, who is from Regina and catch up with Miranda from B.C..
Don´t be worried for me, I won´t have a chance to write again until maybe Sunday.
Oh, I forgot on Saturday we had fish soup. Rosa had the whole head of a fish in hers and the whole time I ate it stared at me. I was almost sick. I´m not veggie or anything but I don´t like food with eyes.
Yesterday I was really annoyed because I almost made it all the way to ICPNA without attracting any attention but then this man winked at me and blew a kiss. So that makes 0 trips walking alone without being annoyed by stupid men.
I don´t know why I am anxious about Chiclayo but I have butterflies in my stomach. Weird. I never had butterflies about Peru or in Peru before. So, what did I do to prepare for Chiclayo? Pack all my pepto bismol and plastic bags for all the puking I might do in the bus. Erlack. I am going to get no sleep in the next few days. Plus, puking is tiring. Maybe I´ll get abs (that´s really looking for a bright side). I arrive in Chiclayo at like 4 in the morning. I arrive back here at like 4 on Saturday morning with class at 8. Hm, fun. ah, es la vida as they say here. No, really I´m sure it will be another exciting adventure. Maybe I just don´t want to leave Cajamarca because it´s so completely awesome. That could be it.
Some people asked about my age. Well, sometimes I feel young and ignorant and wonder what an earth I think I am doing claiming to be able to teach English, but most of the time I feel pretty old and capable. Like, when my students say they´ve never left Cajamarca it really puts perspective on life.
Other people have written to me that they wish they could do something like what I am doing. Well, I have to say, do it! You only live once and it´s important to live it out. Don´t let your surroundings suffocate you. The world is huge. Don´t trust what other people say, see for yourself! In the words of Irene Cara "take your passion, and make it happen." Those are my wise words for today.
Yes well, I expect you to email me and leave pretty comments while I am away.
Thinking of you all, whoever and wherever you are.
Un abrazo, Gemma

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