Monday, May 25, 2009

Time flying past

¡Hola amigos! ¿Que tal?
Everything here in the beautiful country of Peru is fine and dandy thank you. Yesterday we did not go to Porcon because Luis and Rosa were trying to sell their car and it might get dirty or something, also because there is no place to eat in Porcon an my family like to eat. So, yesterday we went to an outdoor restaurant near llacanora which was sweet because outside there was a park and a soccer field. So, Luis, Luis and I played soccer. Apparently they are very impressed with my goal kick. I played in goal for bit. Today I have decided that I want to go and watch Luis play soccer at Davy College. I think his coach isn´t very good because he didn´t know where on his foot to kick the ball or what being offside meant etc. Plus, they play 7 aside with 3 in defence, 2 in midfield and just luis up front. It is not surprising they are losing all their games, Luis says the midfield don´t come up to help him. How the heck is he supposed to score with no one pass to?
I just met two men who are travelling around Peru because they were sitting next to me in the internet cafe. They are from BC so that´s cool. They said they had been in Cajamarca for ages, like 5 nights. Ahahaha. They tried to ignore me but I am just too friendly. Ahaha. The one guy had his phone stolen so he was calling Canada to get it cancelled. When I see white people I just am so curious about what they are doing here etc.
I only have 3 days left in this cycle. On Saturday I work 8-8! That is a longggg day. Plus, I don´t return from Chiclayo until Saturday at like 4 in the morning.I will have to get sleep on the bus. I am pretty excited for this cycle to finish so that I can hang out with my friends again. They are signing up for different teachers next cycle so that there is no problem.
Luis and Rosa bought a new tv and it is huge. We looked at my photos on it, they are awesome. The screen resolution is wonderful!
Yesterday I made another new friend, this man was walking with his family and came over and said hi and welcomed me to Peru. His kids were so sweet! I don´t mind people like this, it´s the men who shout out to me hola, princesa, linda, reina, bonita etc that gets really really annoying. I probably look like the biggest snob rolling my eyes and walking off but seriously I can´t even walk 2 blocks without attracting attention, even during the day. I don´t have to walk alone at night now so it´s about 1 million times better.
Well, I better go because I am running out of money to spend on internet and I am off to the gym plus have class to prepare. Ah, for a quiet life. Haha just kidding, I wouldn´t have it any other way!
I think that´s it´s going to be really hard to leave this place. I know that I will return someday. I have no choice in that matter. You couldn´t imagine a more beautiful atmosphere, unless you offed all the rudey dudey men. Then it would be perfect.
Well, keep emailing me because I love hearing from all of you.
Saludos, Gemma -x-


  1. Guinea pig? I watched this reality show where the guys travelled from village to village and had to to traditional tasks against each other to advance to the next show. One show had them in a Peruvian village where the guinea pigs lived in the house, running around as pets. When it came time for supper, the mother just caught a few "pets". yuck. Nice horse. did you have to put a quarter in? Seriously, looks and sounds like things are going well. It's great you're getting to do some sightseeing, safely. And anyone who's students get a classs average over 85% must be doing something right. I didn't see much sunburn - you're all white again. Time does fly so make the most of it and Good Luck this next cycle.

  2. Haha, no I didn´t have to put a quarter in the horse. My arms are so white again, but my legs are a red minefield where I have scratched my mosquito bites to pieces. Haha, people here don´t have Guinea Pigs for pets. I could imagine the scene you described though. I love Peru! Yeah, I know the class average is good but I don´t like having to fail studens with like 78% that´s silly.
    Also, who are you!!!!!!!!!!

  3. You haven't figured it out yet!!! I told you who I had given the blog to! Keep guessing!
    Anyway keep having fun. We of course are missing you, mind you Katie is getting much better at Boggle now!!! She will give you a run for your money when you return!
    Lots of love

  4. Haha, but I now have the Spanish vocabulary to dominate boggle with too! I will have to go and find that email with the list in it.
    ¡Hasta luego!