Thursday, May 21, 2009

Funny texbooks

Haha, so the other day my collegue came to me to show me what her book said. It said "this textbook really turns me on" with a translation beside it saying "I like this textbook." I feel bad for students in the past who have been taught this and use it in conversation without understanding its meaning. The textbook I teach has a strong emphasis on saying "as a matter of fact, I am" like it´s the most important expression in the English language. All my students will talk like proper posh people. Also, how often do you call something a lemon? Do you know what it means when someone says "it´s a lemon?" The textbooks were apparently made in the US but I keep having to tell my students, "nobody says that" or "that expression is so inappropriate" etc.
I am really really annoyed because I just spent half an hour typing my initial report to send to Juan and it´s gone. It was so good too! Grr techonology. But, I do love it because it has allowed me to keep in contact with people.
Haha, on the radio at the gym the announcer said, "and now, brand new from Kelly Clarkson, Breakaway." How old is that song! It´s also really funny how the announcer pronounces the names of bands and singers. But, I know that it´s really funny I how pronounce Spanish as well, so it´s all in good humour. Like, I was trying to talk about a car "carro" but because I can´t roll my r people thought I was talking about something being expensive "caro." Oh, to have the r rolling skill.
Yesterday, everybody in my Pre-1V class was late. It was awful! I had lots of material to get through and I lost 15 minutes. My Reg-1 class was great though.I played jazz music and some other types while they worked after I finished teaching. It was good. I have one really sweet student who always comes up to me and says "sweet dreams" when she kisses my goodbye.
This morning Irene and I had a laughing fit because she had the hiccups and I tried to teach her to drink water backwards.
The two pics I added today are at Santa Apolnia, just up the road from where I live.
Ciao amigos!

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