Wednesday, May 13, 2009

From the Young Gringita

I laughed a lot when I heard that one of Rosa´s friend´s told her that her son had a new teacher, a young Gringita.

Good news! Delicia is back! No more little monsters. I´m sorry about losing my two morning classes though, I really enjoyed them. They were sad about losing me though so that made it a bit better! There is a student who just signed up for the class at 7 in the morning so I have to give him private lessons for a few days to catch him up. It´s nice that I get to see some of the students when I arrive at ICPNA for his lesson.

Yesterday at the gym I saw one of my students. She has huge muscles!! She yammered away at me in fast Spanish. Luckily all that was required of me was to nod my head in agreement. Good grief.

My Juniors all came and gave me a big hug goodbye and a kiss as usual yesterday. They are so sweet.

Haha, in my Pre-1V class one of my students came at the end of the class to ask a question and I thought he wanted a kiss, because that´s what students usually do at the end of the class, come and kiss you on the cheek. Hahahaha. It was okay though. I didn´t break out into mad hyena laughing.

I never wrote about the blankets. My blankets are alpaca wool. The wool gets absolutely everywhere. I look like an alpaca there is so much wool. Rosa gave me different blankets today. Yay for that!
The pics are of Otuzco.
Well, off to the gym again before I eat a meal fit for a King!
Ciao, Gemma

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