Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My lack of Spanish skills

Wow, I am exhausted. ICPNA doesn´t believe in giving the teacher a stool or a chair, we have to stand up the whole time. So I spent 5 and a half hours on my feet without a break last night. I got back home at about 10 and then I had to help Ana with her English homework, so I didn´t get to bed until late and then I had to get up at 6 for work this morning. My feet hurt hahaha.

I was almost late to work because it took ages to catch a taxi from the gym so I ran to work with my 9 really heavy books looking a right state I´m sure. My first class were Juniors, age 12, and I had about 12 students. It was hard because they were all tired from school and only wanted to gossip and hang out. Also, the computer didn´t work for that class so I had to do lots of thinking on my feet and lots of reading. It´s really sweet how they all gave me a kiss goodbye as they left. That kind of relatinship between teachers and students just doesn´t exist in Canada. Although, I think I would find it odd to kiss my teacher everyday. My next class was about ten 6 yr olds and they were incredibly intelligent. We got through way more than we needed to and they already knew more than was necessary for the unit. However, some of them were actually crazy and I had to think of activities involving movement because they wanted to run around and scream. The challenge with this class was the parents asking me questions in incredibly fast Spanish. I have no idea what they were talking about so I hope everything is okay. The next class was also 6-7 year olds, but they were a little more advanced. I only had 6 which was nice because it was much calmer. They were learning about the body and adjectives so I sang head, shoulder´s knees and toes with them, which they loved. One boy picked it up after I had sung it only once. It was amazing! Both groups of kids were very good about speaking English. My next class was Pre-1V with kids my age and in their 20s. At first I only had one student, which was really funny and we kept laughing. Then, suddenly I had an influx of students and ended up with 8. Do you know those really annoying men who think they are all hott and and cool, and try to be all smart and mouthy? Well I had one of those in that class. I didn´t really enjoy that class and I wish it was only for a week but I have them for the month. My last class started off with only 2 students, and then Antonio (the smart guy who´s going to America) walked in. He signed up for my class, which is so funny. About 25 minutes late, I had a huge influx of students and ended up with 17. The classroom was packed because it´s not very big. I played the wool tossing ice-breaker and got through lots of material. I think the class went okay. I had a lot of fun with them. One woman was so lost she was almost crying though. I felt bad because she was about 40 and she dídn´t have a book yet. I went over to try and help but she didn´t want me to help her. Everyone else seemed to pick things up pretty quickly. It was really funny when this man who was like 35 asked me if he could go to the bathroom. I was like, of course, you don´t have to ask! The ages in that class ranged from 12 to abou 50. I´m glad I have that class for a month.
I just got back from visiting Davy College with Rosa, which is where Luis and Ana go to school. We went to pick up the money for the food for the poor schools in Cajamarca. Davy College is another world. It´s like a resort, totally gorgeous. The gym is twice the size of the gym at B.U. and they have a tennis court and a football pitch and a games field. There are 900 students and it´s massive. It´s really out of place though because it´s surrounded by poverty, if you look over the walls that is. There are teachers there from Canada and the USA and England apparently. I did see a white english speaking teacher but I didn´t get a chance to chat to her. Apparently the teachers there make about 2000 dollars a month. That is insane!
Have to go and prepare lessons now. Ciao!
P.s. The pic doesn´t really go with this post, but it is the market in Celendin, which occurs every Monday.

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