Sunday, May 10, 2009


Luis and Ana now have a microphone, enabling them to be even louder. At 7 this morning they were up singing and playing guitar and watching videos on Youtube. It was very loud. So, I didn´t sleep in today either. Although 7 is better than 6.
My Reg.1 class now has 27 students. It is beyond ridiculous and very nearly insane. In my opinion, there should never be an ESL class of more than 20, but ICPNA is a business and I suppose they want to make money. The levels of proficiency are extremely varied and it is difficult for me to give individual attention, which I feel is important when you are trying to learn a language. I like to catch mistakes before they become habits. I can see more advanced students becoming frustrated when I have to slow down because of the perplexed faces of the less advanced, and I can see the perplexed faces of beginners when I try to cater to the needs of the more advanced students. Supposedly they are all at the same level, but this is simply not true. It´s hard also because I have young people 12 years of age with whom I could play games to help them learn, but then I have 40-50 year olds who are very conservative and serious and want straight lessons, assignments, and attention. Well, I am just doing the best I can for them. I haven´t actually had all 27 students show up on the same day yet, thank goodness
Yesterday morning at 8 I went to the hairdresses with Rosa because she wanted company. While I was there I planned my lesson for yesterday afternoon. 4 1-2 hour lessons really aren´t that much fun. This class spoke no English and the way the text book starts was very confusing for them. So, I did it my way instead and it seemed to work better. Really, they were trying the pronounce words and they didn´t have a clue how the letters sounded in English. I started with the alphabet instead of conversations.
It was mother´s day here yesterday and Davy College, where Luis and Ana go to school, held a Mother´s Day carnival type of thing. It was very nice. There were younger students dancing to songs in English, because the school is bilingual. There was a concert band and couple of rock bands who also sang in English. They were really good! There were also some Spanish songs and the Mariachis, as pictured above, from the University. There was volleyball and inflatable things for the kids and egg and spoon races etc.. It was a really nice time. The food was great too! The only negative... I got major sunburn. I was itching all through class in the afternoon. Luis and Ana were fascinated by my burn. People here get sunburn and you can hardly even tell. Me? I´m a whole different colour. My skin is all tight and I think the gym tomorrow will be painful.
Happy Mother´s Day in Canada for all the Mother´s reading this!!


  1. Hi Gemma
    Looks like you are enjoying yourself keep up the good work lots of love Aunty Mary and gang

  2. Keep up the good work Gemma! It sounds like you really have the hang of it and that students all really like you. You could always try a game...might surprise the old people into having some fun!