Friday, May 8, 2009

My clumsiness

Last night I walked home part way with 3 of my collegues, all of whom are gorgeous and one of whom is expecting. I wouldn´t mind some tan any day now... Anyway, I walked straight into a sign and went into hyena laughter so now they think I am crazy. Hahaha. I like walking home with my collegues, I don´t receive catcalls when I´m not alone.
At the end of the month I have to travel to Chiclayo for a mandatory teacher training. I´m pretty excited that I get to go there free of charge and stay in a nice hotel, and it will be fun to get to know my collegues. I will see Miranda and Colleen there too. I´m not excited about the bus ride though. I hope I don´t get sick!!!
My 8:00 class on Saturday is cancelled because there are no students. So yay, I can sleep in!! Simon said that this is normal. They give you 7 classes and you´ll maybe have 4. I´m actually annoyed though because I had 3 hours of that lesson planned already. Oh well.
Yesterday we had a staff meeting about the trip to Chiclayo. It was weird because we all had classes, so the students had to wait on us for 15 minutes. It was embarrassing for me because one of the other teachers had to translate what was going on. I understood the gist of it but not all the details. I was actually proud of myself when I managed to understand that there was a staff meeting, where and when it was when the caretaker came and told me. The secretary told me that Simon spoke really good Spanish. So that´s nice. Two of my advanced students were able to pick out my English accent today. This is pretty clever I think. I can´t tell when people speak in different accents in Spanish. My English accent isn´t even that strong!
The classes I am teaching for Delicia had a lot of complaining to do when I told them I wouldn´t be their teacher next week. It was quite sweet actually. It´s funny how everyone calls me teacher or miss. Okay, I know it´s not that funny, but it actually is.
My pre-1 class now has 16 students. It is not so bad. Yesterday when class was over they all stayed for like 10 minutes even though I opened the door and said they could go. It´s nice to see their interest in English.
In my intro class, we were asking the question "why are you studying English" with the given answers "for business / travel / college or university / to meet English speaking people" and one girl says "I am wanting to learn English because it is beautiful. It is so beautiful language" How sweet is that!! She came up with that herself. We were all uplifted for that class. Ahahaha.
I am hoping that my Reg.1 class doesn´t grow anymore today. 23 is enough for me!!
Ciao for now!
ps. The pic is of me in Lima drinking Inka Cola. Yummy!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hola,
    Como stad eusted? (That's it for my espanol.)
    I only know one other person who has been gaily walking down the street and walked into a post - me. And you must describe gorgeous for me. you sound like you're holding your own with the teaching classes. i wouldn't come to your class at 8 either, truth be told, unless you offred something that would make it exciting like say a Quervo. Anyway happy Mothers Day (You better not be or your dad will kill you.) Take care, Me

  2. Haha, I didn´t even want to be at my class at 8 in the morning on a Saturday. I don´t think Quervo would help with the English... although you never know, maybe if there was a lot.
    I definetly have no children, thank goodness the poor things.
    Who are you??!!! It´s driving me mad trying to figure it out!