Saturday, May 23, 2009

From the gym!

So, the gym is crazy busy and I cannot find any machine to use! So, I let Rosa use the treadmill and came on the computer! I am so not going to be ripped, but hopefully I will be in shape. I would like some abs but so far they have yet to appear.
Haha, in class the other day I was trying to explain what a marquee was, and of course I have no idea what the word is in Spanish so I tried to draw it on the board and everyone was like, oh a table. So I said no!! I erased it and tried again but it did not work. In the end I drew a camping scene and said its bigger than this tent. After class a student said, you drew a table and then erased it and drew the same table. Oh dear God. To have the ability to draw!! I really hope I have the same group of students next cycle for my Reg.1 class because I love them! The mixes of personalities are great! Haha, Funkytown is playing right now.
Today we are having ceviche for lunch, i.e. raw fish. I really prefer my food cooked. So, I am not looking forward to this meal. Then, later I have my long Saturday class with an exam in the middle of it. The students in that class are pretty good though, considering how long they have to sit still for.
Yesterday in the class I subbed for there was a student who was very hyper. I asked him to write an answer on the board and he pretended he was a plane or something as he walked to the board and made lots of interesting noises. He was quite entertaining and I think he knew he was being entertaining, but I had to tell him to calm down. Roll call for that class was very interesting. Their names are so hard to pronounce!! I say a name and everyone looks at me blankly like, who? Ahahaha.
I sorted out my bus ticket so I should be good to go for Wednesday. I{m pretty excited about that.
My friend invited me to a concert, but I am not sure if I can go because I dont have my schedule for next cycle yet. I would really like to go though!
Okay, well I think Rosa is just about ready to go home and I have a killer pain in my back.
Ciao amigos!!
Ps. the pic is on Sunday near Llacanora

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