Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I have a 6th sense

So, in this morning´s class I was trying to demonstrate the following:
Is he ______?
No, he isn´t. He´s _____.
So I pointed to one man and said randomly, is he Carlos? The class replied, yes, he is! I thought I would share that with you because I can´t believe I actually guessed his name by mistake. Hahahaha. I almost broke out into hysterical hyena laughing. Thankfully I didn´t because my class may have walked out.
In my opinion, the book we use for my Pre-1 class has lots lessons in the wrong order and presumes the students know more than they do. There were a lot of challenges today. Last night my Pre-1v class also had lots of difficulties.
Last night I went to bed at 8:50 as soon as I came home from class because I was absolutely exhausted. My class that goes later is only on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday so I got to sleep early yesterday. Rosa thinks I´m starving myself because I haven´t been eating supper, just an apple or something. Honestly, after the 3 course meal lunches I am full enough for a week! We always start with soup and then have salad or corn or some Peruvian thing and then we have a huge main meal with meat and rice etc. If it´s a toss up between food and sleep, I choose sleep. I love sleeping now!
Our trainer at the gym knows my team is Arsenal so he was having a good laugh yesterday when I was watching the Man U vs. Arsenal game. They were down 3-0 when I left and ended up losing 3-1, which isn´t a surprise because they can´t seem to actually shoot at the net.
I haven´t even started planning for my 8 and a half hours of classes on Saturday yet. I´m so tired when I come home in the morning and in the afternoon I go to the gym because health is important too, and then I go to classes right away. At least next week I´ll have more time as Delicia is back so I don´t have many classes. However, two students have asked me for private lessons as they need to pass their entrance exams in English for University in America. It will be possible for me to help out when I only have 2-3 hours a day and 8 and a half on Saturday.
My class sizes increased again yesterday. Most of my classes are between 10-20 now, which is a lot because the classroom isn´t that big. Especially with adults the room seems full.
It´s so nice to sit down!
I am really enjoying teaching at ICPNA, even though there are lots of challenges.
Thanks for all your interest!!
Ps. The parrot is from the mini zoo in Sucre. He was brought in from the jungle.

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