Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Going to buy pepperspray...

so that people can worry about me less. I am being very careful, believe it or not! Yesterday, Juan Escate, the WUSC rep in Lima came to see me as he had just dropped off another student in Chiclayo. He looked at my pictures and seemed to think things were going well, and said that I seem to have adapted to life here well and my understanding of Spanish is better so that´s good. Then I gave him an English lesson for about an hour which he recorded to listen to on the bus, because it´s about 16 hours to Lima and really not a lot of fun.
To pass a class at ICPNA you have to get 80%!!! So, actually I might have to flunk some students. How horrible is that! I have students with 82% all upset because it´s only a D. Good grief! I really don´t like the way one of my students looked at me when they got their exam back with only 67%. It´s not my fault they didn´t study. The average in that class was 85% so that´s okay I think. My other class with 28 students has an average of 89% which is actually awesome! Yesterday in my Pre 4 class I almost broke out into hyena giggling but I restrained myself because it´s not very professional. I was trying to explain this article about what children can do at different ages and they didn´t understand crawl and so they said, show us. But I showed them standing up because I didn´t think it would be professional to crawl on the floor.
Yesterday at lunch two of Rosa´s friends came around so that was nice. We had spaghetti which was surprisingly normal so a nice change. Not that I don´t love the food here, gorgeous home cooked meals every day beats Uni! But my Mum still cooks the best food :)
Yesterday I was invited out with all my collegues for lunch on Sunday. We are allowed to socialize with our collegues so this is okay. It will be nice to make some girl friends my own age.
Haha, yesterday one of my students wanted to know how old I was so I said 18 and other students heard and were like "Que!! Profesora, no! Miss you are young!" Hahaha.
Today I am taking some Jazz music to my Reg 1 class because last class we were talking about music and nobody knew what Jazz was! Dios mio! Don´t worry, I will educate them.
Well, it´s a short one today because I have to go and finish preparing my class.
Cheers, Gemma

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