Tuesday, May 26, 2009


So, if you can believe it, even though I am half way across the world I just had Jehovahs Witnesses try to sell me their religion. Don´t get me wrong, I respect their right to believe what they like, but I wish they were less pushy and respected my right not to believe.
Yesterday watching Luis´ game was painful. They lost 7-0 but they were lucky not to lose 30-0. I could tell they were done for before the game even started when the other team arrived and began doing organized drills while Luis´ team were running about all over the place. In the second half the other goalie was sleeping or something, in the whole game he saw the ball maybe once. After the game, Luis told me his team played really well. Oh dear God. I want to be their coach and work them into shape. Their tactic seemed to be to kick the ball as hard as they could to the other end of the pitch even though nobody from their team was there, and also everyone on Luis´ team ran for the ball. The other team worked circles around them! I have a list so long of things they need to learn. I think some of them don´t even know how to play soccer.
Yesterday, I subbed for another teacher who felt sick. Her first class was okay but her second were devil children! Good grief! I had to give them a seating plan. Holy man I had to be like that teacher that everyone hates because they were so bad! I was relieved to get back to my own classes. I really hope she is better and I don´t get called in again today.
It´s short today but I really have so much marking to do!
Ciao amigos!

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